Мотопробег из Кяхты в Каракол по следам Пржевальского

Dedicated to 175th anniversary of N.Przhevalsky

Nikolay Przhevalsky The year 2014 is the year of 175th anniversary of Nikolay Przhevalsky, famous Russian geographer and a renowned explorer of Central and Eastern Asia.

To celebrate this anniversary a group of motorcycle enthusiasts from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, supported by The Russian Geographical Society, are planning to ride from Saint-Petersburg to Karakol in Kyrgyzstan, where Przhevalsky is buried.

Shooting our preparation for TV

Shooting our preparation On July 9 we had visitors from Russia TV to shoot the interviews with our team

Following Przhevalsky on motorcycle

Site of "The Russian Geographical Society" published an article about us (in Russian)!

Start - July 17

We have decided to continue the tradition and start our trip on July 17th. Exactly 4 years before that we have started our journey to Komchatka.


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